Consultancy May 28, 2006

On business blogging

I’m quoted in this month’s Business Plus magazine in an article by Dick O’Brien about business blogging. I’ve made the transition from writing a personal blog to writing a business one and while there are definitely differences in content and motivation, I still view this space as one where I bring my personal self to the table as much as my business self. O’Brien comments at the end of the piece:

The common thread running across good business blogs is that authors tend to leave the marketing talk at the door. A willingness to engage on industry issues, interact with readers and follow up on their feedback, seems to be the recipe for success.

I think that’s an astute observation about business blogs in general. The ones I am reading are all stamped with the personality of their authors and its rare to see any of the writers I enjoy selling something directly or peddling a predictable line. So I guess the line between personal and professional is a thin one at times.
It appears that we’ve still quite a bit to go in Ireland before business blogging takes off but I’m optimistic that within a few years we will see key opinion formers blogging and engaging directly with peers and customers. I’ve been very heartened at the response I’ve had at home and abroad since I took up the biz blog mantle a couple of months ago and I’m getting more excited as the weeks progress about the possibilities, the conversations and the new relationships.

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  • Earl Mardle June 4, 2006 at 1:59 pm

    Hi Annette, you say “within a few years we will see key opinion formers blogging and engaging directly with peers and customers”
    Bloggers who engage directly with peers and customers will BE the key opinion formers.

  • annette June 4, 2006 at 2:03 pm

    Good point Earl …I of course thought that, but didn’t say it!