The Cyber System in the Mind

October 26, 2007

sunset over manhattan
I’m on the way to New York where I will be for the 10 days or so and am looking forward to another visit to my favourite city. I’ll also be attending the New York regional meeting of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations where I’ll be presenting on the ‘cyber system in the mind’. I’m going to do a swift overview of social media; reflect on some of the issues presenting in my therapy and consulting practice arising from internet activity; offer a case study and some some hypotheses about the scarcity of psychodynamic practitioners online. (So far I have only come across one other – Irish man- Mark Dowds who is based in Canada these days). I’ll post some of my thinking here after the event along with links to the sites I’ll be referencing in the presentation and some other resources. I’m hoping to catch up with Terrence Seamon for a cup of coffee during my stay and if anyone else out there is interested in getting in touch please do drop me an email.

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  1. Annette,
    Thanks for such a compelling and thought provoking presentation this morning. Is it possible there are six clicks of seperation between us?

  2. Thanks Denise – I’ll post the slides and more thoughts when the jet lag has evaporated 🙂 It occurs to me that it’s more like one or two links of separation these days rather than six. (Have you ever played the Kevin Bacon game? – I wonder if six steps still works!)

  3. Annette, your presentation was a real gift. It helped me to think more thoroughly about social media as more than a box of shiny toys, and why I wound up dropping my blog. It was just too uneasy to reconcile the role of blogger with being a psychoanalyst who can be trusted with people’s innermost thoughts. I think I will find another way to go about it.
    I hope you find more audiences for your talk. There is a great need to sort out the profound impact of social media.

  4. Mike, thanks for the kind words and I really do hope you find a way to share your stories. I found your blog compelling reading last year and I do understand the dilemma around roles and boundaries that it presents. The work you are doing with musicians is particularly relevant for my work (I do a lot of work with arts and cultural organisations) and I would love to see some of the learning/issues highlighted. If you decide to step in again please let me know ..

  5. Hey Annette,
    It was great to meet you! Bloggers “know” a lot of other bloggers, but seldom get to actually meet them. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope our paths cross again someday…perhaps in Dublin?

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