the art of conversation

June 3, 2011

Good conversations make me feel alive, vibrant, useful, engaged.  I particularly love that moment when, in the company of interesting strangers, my head feels like it’s about to ‘pop’ because of the quality of the discussion….So…from June onwards I am going to organise a series of conversations with complete strangers who have yet to become friends.  We’ll select a restaurant and extend an invitation to as many people as would like to join to come together to eat, to drink but more importantly to connect and to talk.  Would you like to reignite the art of conversation?

In June I will be in Melbourne and Sydney

In July I will be in New Zealand (final destination to be finalised)

From August through to October I will be in New York

In October I will be in Dublin

Please leave thoughts, comments, suggestions in the comment stream or on Twitter (hastag #artofconversation).  I’ll add a page and link to a booking form when I gather some feedback about interest and viability.  It’s good to talk isn’t it?


I’ve created a signup page for the first event in Melbourne – click here for more details.


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