That First Date

April 20, 2006

Johnnie has an interesting post today about the value of blogging and its “indirect” way of making things happen. He says:

But the longer I do this, the more I realise that this blog pays off for me in lots of indirect ways. And I’ve had two or three very juicy projects given to me by people who have never met me before. They feel they know me well enough from what I write here, and the odd Skype chat, to trust me with some serious work for serious money. That’s when I realise this pull-not-push world is real, not some intriguing theory.

When people ask me why I blog this is the kind of thing I am hoping will happen as a result of Interactions. As someone who has been writing a personal blog for over 2 years, I know the power of this medium. I’ve made really good friends, found fascinating contacts and broadened my knowledge base – that, and found a writing “style” that suited that particular space. The power of blogging is that it allows readers/clients etc an insight into what makes you tick and what you are passionate about. I’ve found it consistently challenging trying to write copy for the main part of this site. I need to appreciate and understand the “grammar” of my clients but in doing that I run the risk of being lost in the assumption that we’re all talking about the same thing and at the same time, the shorthand is a useful way of starting a conversation. Over in this corner of the site I’m hoping that that grammar can be given a different kind of life as people get a sense of how that translates into real work.
All business is about relationships and blogging has amazing potential to offer a meaningful basis for that first date..