Tempus Fugit

October 29, 2006

Goodness where does the time fly? I can’t believe I’ve been in NYC for three weeks and will be back in Ireland in a couple of days. It’s been a great trip and enhanced no end by meeting up with a number of bloggers whose work I read and admire. I had a great dinner with the Hesitant Hack, discovered new cocktails with Mark and met the great Jason Kottke for a coffee yesterday.
The trip has provided lots of interesting material that’s blogworthy – I have been keeping notes but haven’t sat down to draft any entries yet – the natural contemplative spirit of ending a trip and beginng re-entry will no doubt provide the space for that. There always comes a time when I can’t hear the accents here any more – it happened a few days ago. The city no longer feels foreign – but all that means is that for a short space of time, the accents at home will be strange and there’s always a day or two where it feels as though I’ve not landed yet..it’s an interesting transitional space and one that provides a whole range of choices…do I arrive back different or the same? to the same or a different place? What’s the opportunity to do things a little differently from now on? How long before it all feels as it used to? Can I prolong the feeling of newness?
That’s the glory of travel for me – and indeed all kinds of newness and new places – it gives us the chance to look back on ourselves and wonder if we want to go back there or whether we want to move on some place else.