Social media and the arts in Ireland

February 3, 2008

Good to see the Sunday Times Culture section taking an interest in the wider cultural implications of social media. Kathy Foley’s piece in today’s paper Clique Here (for which I was interviewed) touched on the usual stories (Facebook is costing businesses a fortune in wasted time etc) as well as raising some (of what I consider to be really interesting) questions about the implications for arts and cultural organisations about the way in which people are organising their social lives online. If we’re now living in a ‘drag and drop’ culture what does this mean for the quaintly old fashioned notion of gathering people at 8pm in one venue for the shared experience of theatre performance? Why (still…) are so few Irish arts organisations using social media and web 2.0 technologies to produce and present work not alone using those spaces to publicise that work? What are the implications for the funding of artists who may wish to work in virtual spaces? What may be the implications for physical spaces if so much social and cultural activity is taking place online? What about those clearly defined lines between the ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ artist when it comes to funding and credibility? Oh I could go on and on and on about this and there’s a real need in my opinion for intense debate about these (and other issues). I sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself about this one..I’m hoping Kathy and other (note Irish Times) will write more on this subject over the coming months..

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  1. Hi Annette,
    I’ve been talking up blogging for artisans ( for a while now and have recently launched the Irish Arts Blog, made up of 12 Irish artisans.
    The artists are really taking to it and I feel there is real potential in this area.
    I am trying to raise awareness of the blog at the moment… it got highlighted on the Irish Examiner last week, and a lot of top international blogs have linked to it, but not so many here unfortunately:( I am looking to add 5 more artists to the blog also. Hopefully I will have about 20 artists by the summer, which should mean that the blog always have fresh content, without being a time sink for the artists.
    I have seen artists in America and other parts of the world make successful businesses through their blog, so I feel that artists are really missing out here.

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