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May 11, 2006

David Maister has an interesting post about whether or not blogging is “dead” but more critically he’s talking about blogging as a relational activity also (one of my key reasons for blogging!). He asks a great question at the end of the post

Let me ask all of you out there a question: based on what you tell of my interests by reading my blog, what other blogs should I be reading regularly? It’s like those reviews in music magazines – if you like this CD then you’ll probably like that one. Help me out here, folks!

And I’m sure he won’t mind if I ask the same question here..on the basis of what you are reading and what fires you up when you read – what blogs would you recommend that I read?
Edit: If, like me, you often lose track of  where you’ve been commenting and when (not to mention with whom!)  then this gizmo will change your life!  Co-Comment is a  comment aggregator – you sign up for an account then it automatically tracks and saves the comment feeds (your comments and others) and shows them all on one page…you can run it in the background and add a firefox extension…So while I’m technically asking for your recommendations of what I should be reading consider this an offer in the other direction.  Thanks to Amy for the link.

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  1. Annette – you can also put the comments on your blog page (in the sidebar) – check out my blog (where you should see this comment by the time you get there).
    This has been great for me, because I seem to spend way more time reading and commenting on other blogs than writing my own entries, so it’s a way of proving that I AM still alive!

  2. Hi Ric – thanks for the recommendations and the tech information about co comments. How are you finding co comment with haloscan comments? They don’t appear to register for me…

  3. Annette – at various times several different blog engines etc have been problematic with CoCo, but I’ve always managed to get the comment up. For a while with Moveable Type blogs, I was typing the comments, copying them to the clipboard, submitting – which posted to CoCo but not the blog, then pasting the comments into the form again and submitting without the CoCo connect. One other issue I found was when the blog uses a pop-up comment form, CoCo had problems because it “lost” the connection to the post itself – where that was a problem I found that clicking the permalink for the post brought up a page with post and comments together, and it would accept CoCo. What else? … if all else fails, just post the comment without the CoCo bookmarklet, and when the comment appears on the blog, highlight the text and press the CoCo button. SOMETIMES you need to enter some details about the blog and the post manually, but you CAN get it up.
    Whew! Having said all that, I have had very few problems over the last month or so, and I found that the folks at CoCo are pretty responsive – if you go to the BUGS blog ( and leave a message about problems, they’ve usually responded pretty quickly and been quite helpful.
    Can you tell I like it?

  4. I’ve got to laugh – I just had trouble getting that last comment to CoCO, and had to use my last suggestion …

  5. Yeah, I’ve jsut recently discovered cocomment, and think it is fantastic. I often forget where I’ve been and what I’ve said so it is a great idea to have something to keep track of it all for you.

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