Pilobolus, Symbiosis and TED

June 23, 2007

Pilobolus began as an experiment among three guys and one puzzled professor in a Dartmouth dance class back in 1970. It was survival of the giddiest, as the three non-dancers goofed around with the material they’d been given — themselves — and got entangled in science-inspired poses (think: “soft-belly protoplasmic thing”) and movements. From these humble, biological beginnings has emerged an innovative, unlikely and almost-uncategorizable dance company that combines athleticism, grace and humor with a profound sense of unity.

Have a look at this 14 minute performance from Pilobolus (where else but at TED 2005). The piece is called Symbiosis and like so many of the arts and cultural events at this conference it blends extraordinary technical skill with a deep emotional impact. I’m going to choose a number of my favourite arts/cultural events from TED to publish here over the next few weeks but for now, enjoy.

Mmm I think there may be a problem with that embedded video – here’s a link to the TED site where you can see the video.