Organisational dynamics of music groups

November 12, 2007

A psychoanalytic perspective on the organisational dynamics of music groups (and other kinds of organisations) that’s what my American colleague Mike Jolkovski from ISPSO will be blogging about over at Working Through. Ever since the release of Metallica – Some Kind of Monster in 2004 I’ve been running into people who have a fascination about the application of ‘therapy’ in all its forms to the performing arts so I’m really glad that Mike has decided to start blogging (again!) about his work in this area. I asked Mike when we met at in New York what had happened to his blog (he started writing a year ago and stopped writing 10 months ago) I found it compelling reading and really missed his voice – well he answers that question and thankfully has posted up some of his archives from his previous more systems psychodynamics person using social media! Check out Working Through and add him to your blogroll.

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