July 14, 2008

A rare Chinese vase worth £50,000 lost more than half its value after its owners drilled a hole in the base and turned it into a lamp, an auctioneer has said. What has been your most expensive mistake?

The BBC are asking you to share your experience of costliest mistakes. Like Johnnie I was interested in the range and depth of emotion on display. I was also fascinated that although the example given by the BBC concerned an object and its monetary value many of the examples given by members of the public are about personal and relationship issues that sometimes cost in financial terms but not always. The primary cost was emotional.
Useful learning here about working with the emotional impact of ‘mistakes’ in organisations. We spend time learning how not to make the same mistakes again but it’s doubtful if we spend enough time learning about the range of feeling and emotion evoked when we don’t ‘get it right’.
Hat tip Johnnie