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  1. Now I think I see the deep significance of this post. Conversation doesn’t need to involve words… I’m having a conversation with you in my imagination. “Oh you must be having a wonderful time over there. You whet my appetite for NY” “Really. That’s good because I’m loving it here. I wonder what you’d do if you came here?” “I’d do some of the same things you do and I’d find it hard to calm down and write a blog.” “Why’s that?” “Because I’d be running off to the next thing. But I think I’d go for a walk in Central Park and sit on a bench and eventually watch the leaves turn their colour…” “…” “…” “You’re right…” “…” “…” “Cheers.”

  2. Thanks for those comments Paul – yes I’m having lots of conversations (out loud and silently) here in NYC. I’m trying to choose what to blog about from a multitude of options..and Central Park looks rather lovely at this time of the year 🙂

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