New media, new audience? new chair

November 4, 2008

John Kelly (RTE’s The View and RTE Lyric FM’s JK Ensemble) has been confirmed as the chair of the upcoming Arts Council New Media, New Audience? conference at Dublin Castle on 25 November. Registration is free for the conference and it’s rapidly filling up so I’d encourage arts organisations and artists to get over and sign up. To whet your appetite a little here are some video clips of the keynote speakers.
Charles Leadbeater at TED talking about creativity and innovation:

and Andrew Keen debating web 2.0 with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

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  1. Annette,
    Thanks for the heads up on the Keen/Wales debate.
    I often check out but had missed this!
    Hope all is well as you work on your dissertation.
    It’s been trying to snow here in Iowa but I am resisting the temptation to complain. Some disappointments are inevitable, right?! Grin.
    Keep creating…today’s masterpiece,

  2. Annette, you’re right about snow. I love the seasons and I love snow.
    But I do suffer a mild form of disappointment when the snow hits “before” Thanksgiving.
    Keep creating…snow angels,

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