Neuroscience and psychoanalysis

October 22, 2010

What is the relationship between neuroscience and psychoanalysis – and furthermore how do both contribute to an understanding of organisations?  I’m hoping to find out more at tomorrow’s regional meeting of ISPSO the theme of which is ‘Neuroscience, creativity and group process: can knowledge of neuro-psychoanalytic learning promote creativity and productive group processes in the workplace?’  The speaker in the morning is Dr Richard Kessler – a psychiatrist who trained at the psychoanalytic institute at the NYU school of medicine.  Later in the day there will be an opportunity to apply some of the learning to real organisational dilemmas in small group discussions and case study formats.

I wasn’t aware there was a discipline called neuro-psychoanalysis and I’m looking forward to learning more about it and how this approach can be useful to groups.  The more the world descends into unintelligible chaos the more I’m interested in methods that help us think through or at least hypothesise what might be going on beneath the surface – maybe with some of that kind of thinking we can begin to formulate better questions that lead to better outcomes.

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