making the case for the arts

November 29, 2011

this morning between 11.30 and 1.00 I will be making a presentation at IPTAR on the paradoxes at play in making the case for the arts in Ireland.   I’ll be presenting a couple of hypotheses for discussion and am looking forward to the input of colleagues (more importantly I’ll be picking their brains on an approach to an assignment I will be embarking on in the new year.  Here are the details…

In the so-called arts it has always been acknowledged that many of the things we value most — the gods and God, love and sexuality, mourning and amusement, character and inspiration, the past and the future — are neither measurable or predictable. Indeed, this may be one of the reasons they are so abidingly important to us. The things we value most, just like the things we most fear, tend to be those we have least control over.

Adam Phillips

Socio-analytic dimensions of making the case for the arts in Ireland

 IPTAR West Conference Room

140 West 97th Street


The Case Conference Series:

 Consist of a presentation of case material from an organizational consultation, an executive coaching engagement, or a presentation relevant to socio-analysis.

 The format is designed to be interactive.

 All participants attending the case conference are invited to present.

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