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February 14, 2007

Hat tip to Johnnie for finding the following in Phil Dourado’s free book chapter for February:

Tim Collins, a career soldier, rose to prominence when an impromptu speech he gave to the Irish regiment he commanded in Iraq ended up in newspapers all over the world. Collins says…that “to lead effectively, you have to love people”. Collins goes on to explain ‘love’ as knowing and caring about what motivates people and what is important to them, and helping them fulfil those aspirations at work. This, he says, is a foundation of leadership.
Sharing knowledge, looking after employees’ wellbeing, giving people your time and attention, respecting and acknowledging the contribution of others, all are incontrovertible aspects of good leadership. It only becomes controversial when the ‘L’ word is applied.
“Leadership is emotional. Leadership deals with feelings. Leadership is made up of dreams, inspiration, excitement, desire, pride, care, passion, and love. The areas of our lives where we show the strongest leadership – including our communities, families, organizations, products, services, hobbies, and customers – are where we’re most in love.” (Jim Clemmer)

Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. Oh dear. As I consider whether or not I want the chairmanship of a newly formed committee, clearly I must consider my relationship to leadership, but now to love as well? Sigh. (Joking aside, it’s an interesting connection not often made.)

  2. Maybe you’ll blog the outcome and fill us all in on how it works in practice! But to be serious for a moment – organisations are emotion generating and emotional environments so how could Love not be a part of that?

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