How many bloggers do you know?

November 4, 2007

Bloggers “know” a lot of other bloggers, but seldom get to actually meet them.

This quote from Terry Seamon is so true. I skim read nearly 150 blog postings a day – many from bloggers I feel I ‘know’ very well from their writing. but most of the bloggers on my blogroll remain virtual friends – particularly those outside Ireland. On this trip to the US I decided to meet some of those bloggers in real life. First up was Dr Jay Parkinson and following that I met Terry at his office The American Management Association in the middle of Times Square and the theatre district. Terry describes himself as a

Learning & OD Guy, interested in management, change, organization effectiveness, communication, work, creativity, media, movies, travel, spiritual growth, stewardship, and making the world a better place.

and I was intrigued by the mix of interests, curiosities and expertise he fuses together on his blog Here We Are, Now What? We had a really interesting conversation about all of the above and much more and yet again I was so impressed by the generosity of bloggers and Terry’s interest in meeting a complete stranger. While blogging is often (rightly) described as a narcissistic activity it’s also a great way of building bridges and starting conversations – many of those are online, many others extend to offline meetings. I intend to continue cold calling bloggers when I’m on my travels and I would like to extend an invitation to any travelling bloggers to do likewise and make contact with me if you are planning to be in Ireland.

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  1. Not a complete stranger, Annette, since we had already had some exchanges of ideas. Yes, we had never laid eyes on each other, but in the 21st century, that is quickly becoming the norm in global, internet-mediated relationships.
    A couple years ago, I was part of a chapter writing team for a big Organization Development handbook. The team worked virtually from 2001 to 2005 and never met. A couple months ago, I met two of my co-authors face to face for the first time!
    Though I’m not too fond of my own photos these days (heading north of 50), I have started to post them (e.g. at LinkedIn, at ning, at ryze, at Yahoo) so that my cyberspace friends can get a look at my mug and put a face with the name.
    Great to meet you!

  2. Terry – I’m curious – did your colleagues live up to your expectations of them when you met in ‘real life’? Many of the colleagues I spoke with this week were concerned that it’s an ‘either/or’ situation – linking to 5000 friends online from behind a computer and leading a socially isolated experience – your example (and indeed our own, meeting face to face) is also the point!
    Kerry – I’d be delighted – please do stay in touch!

  3. Did they live up to my expectations? Interesting. Not sure I had any fully formed expectations, othen than that I was excited to meet them, and hoping I wouldn’t embarrass myself too terribly in front of them.
    We were meeting in Philadelphia to make a presentation at the annual Academy of Management conference. I’m happy to say it went well!

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