Has school killed creativity?

November 11, 2008

This is a 20 minute interview (in two parts) with Ken Robinson put together by British Reporter Riz Kahn in which Robinson outlines his criticism of our western education models – created he argues for the industrial age and predicated on an outdated idea of talent. In part one of the interview Robinson argues for parity of esteem for the arts alongside traditional subjects such as maths and science. When the rhetoric in organisational life is one of innovation the attention paid to creativity in the education system is fairly minimal – certainly here in Ireland the arts play a poor second, third and fourth to more ‘valuable’ subjects that are quantifiable in examination results.

In part two Robinson goes on to talk about creating the conditions in which creativity can flourish and he also rather poignantly talks about how many people go through their formative education experiences never finding out what they are really good at.

Robinson’s TED talk is here
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  1. I recently read “The Power of One” again and was struck by the difference in higher education to the one I experienced in a regional technical school 20 years ago. However in watching my own kids now grow up, I think technological change is forcing schools to teach How rather than What to think. Lets hope it continues.

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