Great Questions

July 5, 2006

I came across Come Gather Round (via Management Craft) where there’s a great post about questions (and you know me and my questions by now!). In it Dirk Richards says

What is the most significant question that you have ever been asked, or have ever asked yourself? My quest for great questions continues. These are questions that may be life-changing because they somehow address the soul. I am unsure what the exact criteria are for inclusion on my list. For now I can only say, “I know it when I see it.”
Here are the questions that so far have met my fuzzy and entirely subjective criteria:
Is my genius on pupose?
What kind of me is my work creating?
For what has my life been preparing me?
Am I making good use of my life?
Who needs my gift now?

Ooo they’re great questions and I’m particularly taken with the second one “what kind of me is my work creating?” Apart from being a great coaching question it seems to me that it’s one we should all be asking regardless of role, job or outlook. I’m not sure I could offer a coherent answer to that right now…I’m sure I could share an aspirational one, but one based on the reality of my work…now that’s a tough and very interesting challenge.