Giving Thanks

December 3, 2008

Damien has a lovely idea which I have benefited from in the past few days.

It being the season of goodwill and all of that, it’s worth noting that this can be done in many many ways. Right now with the recession biting and many good people being let go or made go part-time, it’s worth making a little effort in pointing out to others the good work they’ve done with/for you. Other people don’t even know it but they’ll be let go soon too. It’s unfortunately inevitable. One way for me to give thanks to people is LinkedIn, where over the next few days I’ll try and recommend as many people that I worked with as I can.

In these recessionary times we need more focus on gratitude and less on misery – jobs will come and go, the economy will rise and fall but who’ll be thinking of that stuff at the last hurdle? So I’ve taken Damien’s advice – why don’t you think about leaving a positive thought for someone you’ve worked with in the past few months? If they don’t have a LinkedIn profile then perhaps they have a blog? or a Twitter account? an email address? or perhaps you might consider the old fashioned approach and pen a ‘real’ letter? Investing in relationships is always a win win proposition – and we all need to know we make a difference.