Feedblitz blunder

May 15, 2007

I’ve signed up for the trial pro version of Feedblitz. My requirements are very simple I want
A customisable email header
The flexibility to choose from blog posts – I don’t want everything I blog to go into the newsletter
The flexibility to send email on demand – I do not want to bore my readers to death with daily email
On the face of it Feedblitz offers the above but I’ve had nothing but hassle since I signed up less than a week ago. The user interface in Feedblitz is awful – utterly unintuitive and you can’t access your dashboard without using the “back” button consistently.
The most annoying thing is that I have set the service up to send on demand (in my case I want a weekly email of selected blog postings sent to my list) but the service is still sending a daily digest as well as the “on demand” mail. I’ve had unsatisfactory communication from tech support. Firstly my email ended up in their junk folder (which seems odd considering it’s the one I’m using to access my service and the one they are using to debit my credit card), then I was told that the daily digest on top of the on demand “can happen if you’re subscribed to your blog multiple times” (which I’m not…and even if I was why am I getting the on demand email with 4 posts included and the daily with only one?).
The attractive thing about the service (in theory) are the three things I am looking for (which cost $150 a year or thereabouts) so the fact that they aren’t working (and that the Knowledge Base is returning a 404, the FAQ is pretty limited in its scope and tech support doesn’t appear to offer any solutions) is not encouraging at this point.
I’ve a week to go with Feedblitz before my credit card payment kicks in and unless I can get some satisfaction on this unwanted daily digest then I’ll be scrapping Feedblitz’s service and going elsewhere.
There simply has to be a reliable rss to email service that can deliver what I want out there..If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears…
Apologies to subscribers who have received unsolicited mail over the last few days I am attempting to rectify the situation…
Update: If this weren’t so serious I’d be laughing. Even though my settings are set (and I’ve checked) to “manual delivery” in the “turbo update” in Feedblitz, this post was emailed to the list just over an hour after it was posted…I’ve suspended my feed untill I hear back from Feedblitz…

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  1. Annette: You don’t have to use the back button all the time – this is in fact cvausing the problems you’re seeing. Use the menus under “My Account” at the top to go directly to the dashboard or any other area of the application. I’ve sent you an email directly as well as part of our previously opened and ongoing support interaction.

  2. Thanks for commenting Phil – I will hold my hands up and say that this may be entirely my own doing but I’ve written to you separately about the user interface on Feedblitz which I (and two other people I’ve asked to try it) are having issues with ..I’ve placed my feed on hold for now and I’ll reactivate it once I want to send out another weekly mail that way I can be sure that it’s only one mailing going to subscribers until such time as I can really understand what’s going on here.

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