Elevator pitches

September 19, 2007

Do you have an elevator pitch about your business? I have tried and failed (repeatedly) to invent one.
I’ve written here previously about Dynamic Participation – the principles that inform how I facilitate and consult and I’ve refined those 10 points into a 3 point plan for working with groups
1 Keep the process in the room
2 Consult with curiosity
3 Respect the resistance
Will that get me to the top floor?

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  1. I like your blog for its openness. You ask about an elevator pitch. You can only provide them with a view of yourself. What you provide seems to encapsulate what your writing exposes of you.
    For me it is
    Listen You cannot interrupt if you are listening, therefore the voice in the room must be their’s.
    Attend Attention to them with all your being is the key to getting them talking.
    Feedback The only means they have of knowing that you are attending.
    But life is learning so that means that the 3 pieces will evolve

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