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  1. He did a great job explaining the electoral college…but I notice he didn’t explain the primary & caucus process that leads up to an election. That would have taken at least another four minutes, if not more!

  2. Hi Lori – congratulations on the election results! If Lee can manage to teach me the intricacies of US politics (primary and caucus processes included) in under 10 minutes he can have my vote for the next election!

  3. Two election reflections, Annette-
    1) The Obama organization’s brilliant leadership and competent managerial “use” of volunteers’ skills and passions underlined the true spirit of America- often called “exceptionalism”, but perhaps better understood today both as idealism and responsible citizenship with hope potential to move mountains.
    2) John McCain’s generous concession speech seems to have undone the spell cast upon him by his party’s radical direction. I resonated with his sense of ease (relief?). Where had that John gone?

  4. Ian – I haven’t listened to McCain’s speech yet but many people are suggesting that had he campaigned the way in which he conceded defeat he might just have won the election.

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