Customer Service Tesco style

September 29, 2008

I’ve just had the most extraordinary interaction with a receptionist at Tesco head office in Dun Laoghaire. So extraordinary in fact that it ranks up there in my top 3 customer service experiences. I wanted a telephone number for Tesco loans but Tesco don’t have a terrestrial number – they have one of those insidious 1850 numbers which are inaccessible if you are outside the country. So I call Tesco head office and inquire as to whether there is a geographical number as I want to access it from outside the country (here’s the number if anyone else wants to avoid the 1850 trap +353 (0)1 280 8441. The receptionist says ‘there is no such thing’ full stop. So I ask what is the position for existing customers if they want to access Tesco Loans while abroad – can they be connected via the head office number? ‘they might be – I might be able to connect you if you are nice to me’ she replies sardonically. I asked for her name and was told ‘you don’t need to have that information’. I was genuinely incredulous and taken aback at being patronised in that way and even more so when she asked in a tone reserved for two year olds ‘so would you like me to connect you then?’. She got my most officious ‘yes please’ in reply. It continues to amaze me what passes for customer service in this country and here’s hoping the recession we’re in will result in something akin to respect for customers…not outright hostility. I guess every Lidl helps eh?
For more information on avoiding the 1850/1890….trap go here.

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  1. I guess their selection criteria for the post slipped up. Their selection process too. Also, their performance management and basic training too. Surely this is just the one that slipped through the net?
    I wonder if Tesco have people watching the talk about them on blogs?

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