Consulting to consultants

June 1, 2009

I met up with a consultant colleague of mine last week for lunch. We were discussing the dilemmas presented by the initial client encounter and the (sometimes) “impossible” tasks we are asked to perform. In his case he’d been asked to solve a dilemma he knew, and they knew, couldn’t be solved. He seemed a bit stressed out by the impossible task and wasn’t sure how he was going to proceed.
We kicked around the dilemma for a while until I asked him – what’s your dilemma telling you about the client, the client’s system and their dilemma? That seemed to be a lightbulb moment for him becuse his experience of dealing with them, was in fact, their own experience transferred on to him. While I’m glad the conversation was useful for my colleage it did get me thinking (apropos a previous post on whether coaches are coachable) as to whether consultants are consultable to. I would love to run some workshops for Consultants – particularly those working on their own, where we could explore our innate intelligence and how working with our emotional reactions to clients tells us more than we imagine. I’m not sure of the format right now – online? offline? Or whether consultants would be interested in this kind of intervention. I would love some feedback from those of you who work on your own as to how you reflect on your practice? and whether you would be interested in a workshop designed to help you capitalise on your emotional intelligence about clients?