Any seasoned Skype users who can help?

May 18, 2008

Are there any seasoned Skype users out there who can help me with a question? I’ve purchased a Skypein number which I am trying to forward to a landline. My Skype credit is down by 12 cent (that’s European cent) as soon as the call is forwarded and before the call is answered…there’s no reference to this cost on the Skype site that I can see and it seems ridiculously pricy to be charged this amount just for the call forwarding on top of whatever it costs to make the call (I was seduced by the promise that it would be charged at local rates)…on top of that I understand you can redeem a ‘voucher’ for a voicemail account but you have to mail Skype for this and they don’t appear to want to answer my requests for help so perhaps a citizen Skyper can help me out on this one? I’m a fan of Skype to Skype calls but am so far unimpressed by both the customer service and the charges … anyone any wiser than me?