Another good news story about customer service

December 18, 2006

As a two time award winner in the 2006 Irish Blog Awards, I received two Bitbuzz vouchers for a month’s online access. I used one and promptly forgot about the other until a few weeks ago. Naturally the voucher was out of date when I went to try and use it so on the offchance that the pre Christmas spirit might be alive and kicking I emailed Bitbuzz to ask if there was any way in which I could re-activate the voucher (knowing that they weren’t obliged to do so). (On an side note here, I heard a contributor to a radio show recently say that nearly 30% of gift vouchers purchased at Christmas are never redeemed and the duration of vouchers is becoming shorter and shorter..but I digress). I got a very nice email back from customer service saying they would credit my account with an additional 200 anytime minutes. They were prompt in their rely and the email was courteous and polite – frankly if they’d said no in the same tone I would have been happy enough. The passive aggressive nature of what passes for customer service in Ireland is more frustrating than the content of the message. How long before we’ll be charged for good manners and politeness I wonder?
So well done Bitbuzz – 2 good news stories in month is a record in my book!
Edit: Following Colm’s reminder (in the comments) that I was an Irish Blog Awards winner in 2006 (not 2005) I’ve amended the entry appropriately..I’m not sure what that says about me that it seems like such a long time ago now…

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  1. That’s good to hear about Bitbuzz. To be it honest t doesn’t actually surprise me as their wi-fi service is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality, consistency and felxibility. Good to know that thier customer service matches up.

  2. Yea I was really impressed by them – like I said, they didn’t have to do anything and even if they had said “no” – the polite way in which they interacted said a lot about them as a company so I’m happy to rave. I think we need to hear much more about what works in terms of customer service rather than what doesn’t – maybe we’ll shame the charlatans into changing their ways (it is Christmas after all!)

  3. You won those awards in 2006!
    I’m in town this week. Should we organise some drinks with the usual heads and hopefully some new ones?

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