Amanda draws pictures…

July 29, 2011

Amanda Lyons draws pictures.  Not just regular pictures (although I’m sure she does that as well), but pictures that capture the essence of  the people she’s with.  I know because she drew some pictures while we were having coffee as she lured me into talking about what brought me to NYC and what I was doing here and what I want to achieve in the future.  We only scratched the surface but her visual representation of our conversation stopped me in my tracks.  I’m used to being in facilitated conversations, to feeding back, to being reflective.  But there was something very powerful about having myself reflected back by someone else in a visual form.  The images are about my story – I’m curious as much about what’s not on the page as well as what is…I reckon I will use these drawings to think about over the coming weeks.  So now I’m thinking about how we might find a project to do together – her capacity to capture the essence of ‘what’s going on’ and my facilitation ability might fit well together….now I’m thinking….In the meantime, check out her website and think of hiring her if you want a truly creative way of capturing a moment with a view to thinking about the future.


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  1. tks annette. the drawings really give an additional and expansive dimension to the words . sounds like there could be an interesting collaboration for you to explore. all best . sarah

  2. Her work is great and it was a real pleasure talking and chatting with her while she was documenting our conversation! Must find some work to do together now!

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