Advice on a DVD Recorder

August 31, 2006

Could any of the technically inclined bloggers out there give me some advice on a DVD recorder? It’s time to send my VHS and DVD players to tech heaven and I’m baffled as to what I should be looking out for. The few things I have thought about are – size of hard drive, ability to copy from the hard drive to DVDs in various formats…what else should I be thinking about and has anyone got any recommendations?

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  1. Just stumbled accross your blog and liked your article on better tenders – my business suffers under the pressure of dealing with sloppy govt. tenders!! anyway, gadgety stuff like DVD recorders is my specialist subject:
    Here’s what you should think about:
    1 Do you need/want to archive what you’re recording?
    everyone talks about it but loads of people tape over stuff as soon as they’ve watched it.
    2. How much do you care about the quality of the recording? will affect the price of the recorder
    3. Can you program your VCR? Most DVD recorders with HD’s are still suffering from being slighly menu heavy to make recordings
    4. DO you have any brand snobbery in you? Lots of well made recorders from the LG/Samsung & Toshibas of this world – personally i would never buy Sony – but some people gotta have it
    5. Budget or the best? How much do you want to spend – is the look important
    6. NTL or Sky? Remember that your player can’t change channels on your NTL box so recording will be limited to what’s on the 16 main NTL channels and whatever channel is on the NTL Box
    feel free to eamil me directly and i’d be happy to recommend

  2. Hi Andrew
    I opted for an LG (no brand snobbery here) cos it offered good space on the hard disk, can transfer from hard disk to all DVD formats and so far the menu is relatively straightforward to use, apart from the videoplus stuff which is a mystery for me. Thanks for your advicce – I took most of it without even knowing you!

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