adam phillips on children, greed and the internet

November 16, 2011

This tv interview with Adam Phillips reminds us that

children are more fun than adults (they are better at getting pleasure out of situations, whereas adults are more defended)

Applying business models to mental health services (and the arts?) doesn’t work – we’re at cross purposes

In psychology none of the generalizations are true

Storytelling is about leaving out – a therapist’s role is to make suggestions about what might be left out

Greed is wanting more than you can have, a self cure for deprivation & pre-empting choice.  It’s also the attempt to destroy one’s pleasure

Politics is entirely about economics.  Capitalism is for children – it engages with appetite at children’s level…

I want less communication, not more…I want to exempt myself…if you have access to somebody or something you can feel excluded by them…the internet gives people the illusion of continual when it’s down or gone it gives people an experience of what it is like to be abandoned



Hat tip Aid Netherlands

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