A Strategic Nonprofit Reorganization Plan *not*

January 12, 2011

This very wry (and also occasionally very truthful) satire on the strategic planning process in not for profits is worth a read and a few tears…I particularly like the following

Evaluation. All activities will be evaluated by reference to our own program guidelines. We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time. Assuming generous additional funding is available, external evaluators may be hired under contract to us and at our sole discretion.

Financial reporting. After the money is gone, we’ll send you a new invoice.

Media. Thanks for offering to help, but we’ll write our own press releases and send them out. We will formulate and execute the media strategy. You can review what we’ve produced when you see our coverage. Sorry, we can’t include any prewritten taglines, such as “Promoting genteel and refined culture for sensitive citizens since 1906” or guarantee that you’ll be mentioned at all.

Painful stuff!

Hat tip The Artful Manager via Twitter

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