A place of possibility

June 29, 2008

I’ve written about conductor, teacher, speaker and writer (The Art of Possibility) Benjamin Zander here before – and in this superb TED talk Zander outlines his philosophy of possibility in a passionate and witty presentation that had me smiling all the way through. Using a Chopin prelude (the one with a B and 4 sads…) he takes the audience through an engaging and emotional journey about leadership.
Here’s what I took from his presentation
Real leaders have no doubt about the capacity of people to realise their vision – the passion and conviction with which that vision is communicated is key
It matters what we say – will what we utter stand the test of time if it’s our last utterance – can what we say be a possibility we live in to?
Not knowing is a place of possibility, not a punative place of doubt – creating a context in which we can articulate our not knowing is the place from which real creativity springs.

Spend 18 minutes with Zander in this TED talk and see for yourself