A dedicated customer care portal?

January 28, 2007

Damien has picked up on my post about some kind of dedicated blog/space for customer service stories and there is aan interesting discussion going on in the comments section there. I am reposting my contribution to the conversation here

I was prompted to do that post because of a couple of really good customer experiences recently and many, many terrible ones….and let me issue a disclaimer here that I’m not technically literate enough to really understand the practicalities of what I’m suggesting however, I think there are a couple of important starting points:
What ever mechanism might be constructed – people need to take responsibility for their own content. On a simple level – you have no way of validating my experience of a particular company and I have no way of validating yours.
At the moment if I am CEO of Company X and have consistently good (or bad) customer service I can punch my company’s name into Google and realistically I will only get the well known bloggers or those with considerable traffic. This won’t be the whole picture of the conversation regarding my company. More importantly it disadvantages bloggers who are early in their blogging careers and who have a really great story of their experience because they don’t have the rankings to qualify for the first few Google pages.
So I guess I would like to see something that would collate original content (I guess this would mean a common tagging system? See, I told you I am illiterate about this stuff:) so that when Company X punches their name in (or one of their customers is checking them out) up comes a site which is driven by the collective experience of blogging community. I think this offers other media outlets the opportunity to pick up on issues using individual posts or posters etc etc. I am less interested in going the route of a new mechanism with all the attendant legal stuff and more interested in how we can highlight content that is already out there and convince bloggers to write more.