A 3 Point Plan for getting to the top floor

September 19, 2006

Do you have an elevator pitch about your business? I have tried and failed (repeatedly) to invent one. I sometimes think I need to be in a very tall building where the lift occasionally goes to the top floor.
I’ve written here previously about Dynamic Participation – the principles that inform how I facilitate and consult and I’ve refined those 10 points into a 3 point plan for working with groups
1 Keep the process in the room
2 Consult with curiosity
3 Respect the resistence
Will that get me to the top floor?

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  1. Hey Annette – thanks for another great post. I have been reading your blog since its inception and have found your posts incredibly helpful in my work as a consultant – I’ve applied your 10 principles of Dynamic Participation to some work I’ve been doing recently and it has had a dramatic impact on the quality of the sessions – so thanks a lot and I’ll continue to be an avid reader.
    PS: Ever thought of writing a book?

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