it’s not about innovation…

March 1, 2011

I think {we} are all using the wrong language. Instead of calling for more innovation, he should have called for more creativity. Innovation is an outcome – not the root of – of creative thinking and creative problem solving. Always, creativity is the spark, the “I see this in a different way” that leads to and shapes the capacity of innovation. Our society seems to like the word innovation because it suggests a mathematical-scientific process or formula that can be captured and transfered to others. But without the creativity that is at the heart of innovation, there is nothing. Creativity is not a formula. It is a process, a way of thought.

Excellent article over at ArtsMarket on Creating an Economy of Culture – I agree entirely with the premise that we need to stop talking about innovation and start talking about creativity – an endeavour that is not just the preserve of the arts and cultural sector but more widely available if only we choose to look.

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